Counselling and Psychotherapy

Life can be hard and overwhelming and we all need help and support from time to time. As an experienced psychotherapist I offer a range of supportive and therapeutic services to enable people to explore difficult, vulnerable or new aspects of themselves.

Finding someone to share and explore these tough times with can be transformative…be that in small ways or life changing. I have been alongside many people over the years…listening to their hopes, fears, pain and confusion and I have seen people find that something inside of themselves that helps.

Psychotherapy offers people a safe confidential space to explore some of these issues with an experienced trained person and gives an opportunity for change and growth through understanding and expressing ourselves with our feelings, thoughts, behaviours and developing self awareness.

I provide assessment, short-term and on-going therapeutic work to individuals within a warm, confidential and creative environment that has the client at the heart of the work. I see the relationship between the client and therapist as being the centre of the work, respecting each persons individual values, beliefs and choices and aim to create a unique and safe space where each person has the opportunity to explore whatever brings them to counselling or psychotherapy. I am particularly interested in how our early life experience have shaped and influenced us and in discovering when old ways of managing are no longer helpful. I use humanistic, psychodynamic, existential, attachment and bodywork practice and theory to inform my work.

I have experience of working with stress related issues, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, work related issues, personal growth, difference and diversity, crisis of identity, sexuality, health and illness related problems, trauma and violence. I have over 30 years experience of working with individuals and families living with significant health issues, life limiting illness, in end of life care and living with loss and bereavement.

I suggest we have an initial session to meet one another and gain a sense as to whether we would like to do some work together. The sessions are usually 50 minutes long. I work in-person and remotely via Zoom, depending on what will work best therapeutically and individual circumstances. My fee is from £60 a session and I provide some concessionary spaces.