Clinical Supervision

I provide supervision for a range of professional caregivers including counsellors, psychotherapists, social workers, health care workers, palliative care nurses, social care workers and to those people providing emotional support as part of their work. I offer this either through individual sessions, group sessions or a mix of both and can be external to an individuals work setting or on site.

I see supervision as being a space that aims to protect and safeguard the client by supporting and working with the supervisee. I also offer an exploratory space to not only look at the client work alongside the context within which it is delivered, but also to provide a restorative space for the professional caregiver, whilst working within the professional codes of practice and ethics.

The length of each session can be agreed on an individual basis, though a general guideline would be an hour for 1-1 and an hour and a half for a small group. BACP guidance requires counsellors and psychotherapists to have 1.5 hours of supervision a month, depending on experience and numbers of clients seen a week.

The cost of supervision is dependent on our arrangement, a guide being an hour 1-1 clinical supervision from £60. I am happy to discuss your individual needs.